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I recently moved to central Manchester. I split my time between an apartment here and my parents’ house in The Ribble Valley. This means I’m able to quote on work in the Greater Manchester area, as well as back in Lancashire. I’ve already taken on jobs around Bolton and Stockport. If you need a repair to a collapsed dry stone wall or a quote for insurance as someone has driven though the wall, or a delivery driver has knocked a bit down, give me call or send an email for a dry stone waller in Manchester. I will also repair small sections of mortared stone walls.

I also carry out some mortared stone walling repairs. Actually, the skill level required is lower than that of dry stone walling. Check out my page on this to see some of the mortared stone walls that I have worked on. I will also advise and give a quote on stone walls that need re-pointing, too. Pointing in dis-repair can be a long-term cause of a stone wall collapsing and so it is important to maintain.

Please check out the gallery pages for scroll below for picture of my previous projects.

Above, 2 pictures of before and one of after dry stone gap repair in Bolton.

Dry stone walls in Greater Manchester.

Manchester being a major urban area, it may seem surprising that there is much call for a dry stone waller. Greater Manchester covers a large area, much of which used to be, and some still is, farmland and even upland around Bury, Bolton and Westhaughton to the North and West and Oldham, Rochdale and Saddleworth to the North and East. This means that many older properties, that pre-date the urban expansion of recent years, have dry stone walls as boundaries. Even newer properties and housing developments may still have existing dry stone walls left intact within the newer construction, even within central areas of the city that were once farmland. In addition to these true dry stone walls, there are many mortared stone walls. I carry out repairs on these walls in Manchester, when they collapse due to collisons, as with insurance repair quotes for damaged walls, or through general disrepair. Contact me for a quote to repair your stone wall throughout Greater Manchester.

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