Mortared-stone wall service around Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

As well as dry stone walling, I also carry out mortared stone wall repairs around Lancashire and Manchester area. Most likely a collision by a car or van, involving an insurance company, or a collapse of a wall at a house (sometimes claimed on home insurance).  I’ll assess whether mortaring is necessary, or a dry stone wall may be a cheaper and more suitable option. I only carry out ‘garden’ or exterior type mortared walling repairs and NOT rebuilds of barn conversion or that kind of house construction ork. If a delivery diver has crashed into your garden wall and you live in Lancashire or Greater Manchester, then I’ll be happy to provide a quote to repair it. Give me a call or email [email protected] if you need a repair to a mortared stone wall.

Mortared stone wall repairs.


———stone waller near chipping, longridge in forest of bowland

A mortared project using reclaimed stone in Chipping, Longridge in The forest of Bowland. Completed October 2023.—————————————————————————-

A mortared wall repair in Wiswell, Ribble Valley from Feb/March 2023. An absolutely gaping hole in the wall, repaired sympathetically.

Damaged wall after a collision with truck.


After a mortared repair of the stone wall. Inside are steel starter bars, drilled into the foundation as reinforcement. This won’t be as easy to knock down!

Hurst Green, Ribble Valley, Spring 2022. Bad winds brought down a huge tree and smashed the gateway to smithereens.

Before picture of a mortared stone wall damaged by a falling tree after some vicious storms.
driveway stone wall repair in Manchester
After repairing the damage. The customers were very impressed, believing it to be superior to the original wall!

Stone wall repair in Manchester from 2021. A taxi smashed this entrance to a medical centre to bits. The medical staff told me it was repaired better than it was prior to the accident, as it was listing to begin with! As you can see, it is as though it never happened.

Taxi smashed this entrance to a medical centre to pieces.
The wall was repaired better than it originally was.

mortared wall repair ribble valley
A mortared limestone wall repair near Clitheroe in The Ribble Valley. This wall, at Brungerley Bridge on the way into Waddington from Clitheroe,, was falling down due to successive flooding. The water had ingressed the wall in winter, and then the damp had frozen, causing ruptures. It was falling onto the busy road next it, so had to be repaired.
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