Job I carried out in Higher Wheelton in Summer 2018. A tree had taken out a wall at the entrance to a Georgian mansion. Re built it with a curve on and mortared copings.
Gap repair and wall end near Wigglesworth in North Yorkshire, (enemy territory for me!). A car had knocked this down and then sped away. Did this December 2018.

dry stone waller in wigglesworth
This was the damage before I started re-building the wall in Wigglesworth.
Setting out the base stones at a job near Barrowford in late summer 2018. 

The finished job at Barrowford. Has a pleasing  Hansel and Gretel look owing to the mixture of the rough dark locally quarried farm walling stone and the creamy and smooth  bought-in stone used to build extension during barn conversion.
Before photo of a dry stone wall at Littlebrook Nursery in
Great Harwood near Accrington  that had been damaged by a car in Winter 2017.
And the finished article…..
Corner fallen down on a wall near Longridge in Spring 2018.
The wall after I re-built it. This only took a few hours to do.
Little dry stone wall on a driveway in Longridge that was knocked over by a neighbour’s car. (handbrake left off).
And the finished wall a day later…
Insurance job from March 2019. 20 metres of dry stone wall rebuilt because some idiot drove into it in the middle of the night. This is in Mellor, which sits on the border between Blackburn and The Ribble Valley.

Before picture of the same wall.