Job I carried out in Higher Wheelton in Summer 2018. A tree had taken out a wall at the entrance to a Georgian mansion. Re built it with a curve on and mortared copings.
Gap repair and wall end near Wigglesworth in North Yorkshire, (enemy territory for me!). A car had knocked this down and then sped away. Did this December 2018.

dry stone waller in wigglesworth
This was the damage before I started re-building the wall in Wigglesworth.
Setting out the base stones at a job near Barrowford in late summer 2018. 

The finished job at Barrowford. Has a pleasing  Hansel and Gretel look owing to the mixture of the rough dark locally quarried farm walling stone and the creamy and smooth  bought-in stone used to build extension during barn conversion.
Before photo of a dry stone wall at Littlebrook Nursery in
Great Harwood near Accrington  that had been damaged by a car in Winter 2017.
And the finished article…..
Corner fallen down on a wall near Longridge in Spring 2018.
The wall after I re-built it. This only took a few hours to do.
Little dry stone wall on a driveway in Longridge that was knocked over by a neighbour’s car. (handbrake left off).
And the finished wall a day later…