Dry stone walling work I’ve done with pics.

This page has some pics of previous dry stone walling projects I have carried out, mostly around Lancashire & Greater Manchester.

Our Dry Stone Walling Projects: Below is a recent wall rebuild in Accrington from November 2022. This collapsed into a neighbour’s garden after being damaged by years of ivy ingress. It’s actually held together with mortar.

pic of dry stone wall in accrington

As you can see, as well as dry stone walling, I also do some mortared stone walling quotes, especially for insurance repairs after an accident. I’ve worked all around Lancashire, from Lancaster to Manchester and of course, The Forest of Bowland, where I used to live.

Above is a dry stone wall near Preston. It has ‘mock dry stone’ pillars, reclaimed triangular copings and is mostly composed of Rossendale stone. Rossendale stone was widely quarried in the past and can be seen in the gritstone cobble pavements and the infamous Lancashire Mill flagsstones popular in Victorian construction. They are usually incredibly thick and large. It is a very hard wearing stone with a bluish hue and flecks of brown mineral deposits.

More Dry Stone Walling Projects in Lancashire & Greater Manchester

end of dry stone wall in Barrowford.
Above is a little ‘cheek end’ on a small decorative wall on a house in Barrowford. A nice little
addition to a driveway landscaping project. I believe it was the only dry stone walling on the estate 
and the lady I installed it for told me she had many appreciative comments.

dry stone wall in kirkby lonsdale.

A gateway to a churchyard in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. Not often I get out of Lancashire to do some dry stone walling. This was a restoration of an almost completely demolished wall between a now privately owned former vicarage and its neighbouring church.

Forest of Bowland Project


dry stone wall in dolphinholme

Wall repair in the village of Dolphinholme, Forest of Bowland, early spring 2021

dry stone wall near slaidburn in the forest of bowland.

a dry stone wall near slaidburn half constructed

Part way through doing the Slaidburn wall. The walling stone is from Brown’s quarry of Longridge Fell, Lancashire, making it a sustainable yet new dry stone walling. It has a light buff hue more reminicent of Cotswold stone than the local variety.


Above is a before and after photo from an insurance job in Manchester that I did September 2021. Not actually dry stone walling but I do a bit of mortared work and will travel to Manchester for some projects.

A dry stone feature wall I did near Garstang in Autumn 2016.

dry stone wall gate entrance near longridge but overlooking Beacon fell.

Overlooking Beacon Fell. This is on Longridge Fell in Forest of Bowland. Finished Spring 2019.

Above is a ‘virgin’ wall placed to enclose a driveway area with a feature that was sympathetic to the existing boundary walls, all dry stone.

Before pic of a wall at a property in Wheelton near Chorley that I fixed in Summer/Autumn 2018

The finished wall above…

Above. A before after pic of a collapsed wall corner by the roadside near Mellor, above Blackburn that I fixed march 2020. An afternoon’s work.

Chorley Dry Stone Walling Projects

picture of a curved dry stone wall near Preston in Lancashire.

Job I carried out in Higher Wheelton near Chorley / Blackburn in Summer 2018. A tree had taken out a wall at the entrance to a Georgian mansion. Re built it with a curve on and mortared copings.

a curved wall near Preston that i did in summer 2018.

Another pic above of curved wall from Wheelton.

A rare pic of my skinny behind, working on a small gap repair in Roughlee near Pendle in Lancashire.

Above: Dry stone wall I built near Longridge in The Ribble Valley but near Preston about 6 years ago. This is a 7ft high retaining wall using the very rough locally quarried stone. It creates an attractive and sympathetic boundary and feature to the property.

A wall near Pendle that I moved 3 feet to one side to widen the driveway. This was during the long, hot summer of 2018.

dry stone wall near Settle

Gap repair and wall end near Wigglesworth in North Yorkshire, (enemy territory for me!). A car had knocked this down and then sped away. Did this December 2018.

Bowland Dry Stone Walling

A farm wall I repaired as an insurance job in February 2019. Driver had smashed into it during the night, taking out 20 mteres of wall.

dry stone waller in wigglesworth

This was the damage before I started re-building the wall in Wigglesworth.

dry stone wall in Burnley

Setting out the base stones at a job near Barrowford/Barnoldswick in late summer 2018. 

Dry stone wall gap repair near Pendle (Summer/Autumn 2018)

Above, dry stone wall Edd rebuilt in the Pendle area, near Barrowford, in Summer/Autumn 2018

Above shows before and after pictures of a repair to a wall near Blackburn that I fixed during summer 2021. It was caused by a driver crashing through (unharmed!)

a pic of wall in Accrington.

Before photo of a dry stone wall at Littlebrook Nursery in
Great Harwood near Accrington  that had been damaged by a car in Winter 2017.

great harwood near accrington wall repair

And the finished article…..

Longridge wall collapse

Corner fallen down on a wall near Longridge in Spring 2018.

the repaired wall in Longridge. After pic

The wall after I re-built it. This only took a few hours to do. One of the beauties of a dry stone wall is that it can be fixed only with some skill and labour, no need for expensive materials and what not. This means it can work out cheaper than you might think.

A dry stone repair in Longridge before pic.

Little dry stone wall on a driveway in Longridge that was knocked over by a neighbour’s car. (handbrake left off). Give me a call for any insurance work.

The finished repair to a dry stone wall in middle of Longridge

And the finished wall a day later… hunbest

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