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I”ll give you a quote to repair your dry stone wall in The Ribble Valley. My name is Edd and I’m a dry stone waller in The Ribble Valley. Having worked in the craft for close to 15 years, you can rest assured I can carry out your repair safely and to a high standard. Stretching from Longridge in the West to Clitheroe in the North East, The Ribble Valley has bountiful dry stone walls. The walls are surrounding agricultural fields, in private gardens and alongside council-owned areas. I should be able to offer an estimate based on photo’s you send me, before submitting a full PDF quote. Whether for insurance quotes jobs or gap-repairs, give me a call, text, Facebook message, email or WhatsApp and I’ll endeavour to sort it out for you.

Below is a selection of a few of the dry stone walling projects I have accomplished in the past. Check out my gallery page for several more photos going back years and all over Lancashire.

Below is a ‘cheek’ end or wall end built sometime in early 2020, just before the pandemic. This was near Sabden, up a private track. Cheek ends are a tricky aspect of dry stone walling and take lots of skill and practice to perfect. Not to mention the right shaped stone!

dry stone wall end in ribble valley

Below is a before and after pic of a dry stone wall repair near Mellor in The Ribble Valley. A car had crashed through the wall and an insurance company wanted a quote to repair the extensive damage. I did this job first in 2018 and have been back THREE MORE TIMES to repair subsequent crash damage. Pretty much to the whole section or part section of the same wall.

picture of a car damaged dry stone wall for farmer in osbaldeston, lancashire

picture of repaired rarmer's dry stone wall in osbaldeston, ribble valley

Below is a tall, 2 metre high dry stone wall with a dry-effect mortared pillar. This was carried out in 2023 in Billington. I’ve included a photo of the wall being constructed.

Ribble Valley, billlington contruction picture

And a small boundary wall on the same project.

picture of dry stone retaining wall in Billington in The Ribble Valley area.

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