Dry stone waller in Lancaster

Dry stone waller in Lancaster: Due to previously living in the centre of the Forest of Bowland, I was relatively close to Lancaster and so have carried out quite a few wall repairs and builds in and around Lancaster and the surrounding areas such as Scorton, Garstang, Caton, Heysham, Dolphinholme and Bay Horse.

Here are a few of the dry stone walls that I’ve built or repaired in Lancaster and that area of Lancashire.

dry stone wall in dolphinholme
In the quiet village of Dolphinholme, a few miles south of Lancaster and nestled on the edge of The Forest of Bowland. A car had hit this wall and it needed repairing. The wall would have been originally held together with mortar as it was too narrow at the base either end, where it married up to the existing walls. This meant I had to put mortar inside an so, strictly speaking, not a dry stone wall. It does have the appearance of one, though and is pleasing to the eye. Best machete
A decorative dry stone wall near Garstang in Lancashire
A decorative dry stone wall in Winmarleigh, just off the A6 towards Lancaster, a couple of miles from Garstang. The customer believed his garden was too featureless from his conservatory, so asked me to install this to admire. He installed lights so that he could see it at night time. He later asked me to do another matching one on the other side of the garden. They are semi circle retaining beds and with the flowers planted behind them, I think you’ll agree they make a great and attractive feature.
dry stone waller in garstang

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