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get a quote from a dry stone waller in Chorley area. Withnell, Euxton, Wheelton, Bamber Bridge. My name is Edd and you can contact me via email, WhatsApp, text or phone call. Send images and, perhaps, measurements of your wall and i’ll most probably be able to give you an estimate of costs. I have over 14 years experience of repairing and building dry stone walls in Chorley and all over Lancashire. I’ve worked with public bodies, large firms and private landowners.

Dry stone walling in Chorley area.

Nestling on the edge of the Pennines, Chorley and the surrounding fells have quite a few dry stone walls. The area around Anglezarke reservoir and Rivington is where I cut my teeth as a dry stone waller for United utilities over a decade ago. I’ve been back in the area several times over the years to repair damaged walls. below is just a gallery of just a few of those walls that fall within the Chorley area.

Please check out my gallery page for more photos of jobs from all over Lancashire.

Above is a curved dry stone wall leading up a driveway. The job was in Wheelton, between Chorley and Blackburn, on an old Victorian mansion. A huge tree had fallen onto the wall from the undergrowth above, smashing it to pieces.

Below is a before and after of a stone wall collapse in Withnell from 2018. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of time and skill. No mortar or materials needed. Just the stone itself. It usually costs less than you think to repair a collapse or gap, as long as no more stone needs to be brought in, which is usually the case.

Dry stone waller near Chorley 2018

The finished, repairs to dry stone walls in Chorley area.


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