• Stages of dry stone wall gap repair in The Ribble Valley.

    I was asked by a landowner to fix 2 gaps in a wall in July 2021. A car had ploughed straight through the wall and spun round in the field, turned around and smashed through another section back out onto the road. The driver was unharmed. This is often the case as the dry stone wall has a certain ‘give’ and reduces the impact somewhat. The job was on the hill that divides the Ribble Valley, Hyndburn and Blackburn in Lancashire. This type of job is quite common and usually results in the insurance company paying out the landowner for the damages to the wall. On seeing the mess…

  • Kirkby Lonsdale

    Not often I get out of Lancashire to do some dry stone walling. This was a little job from November 2020 that I did near Kirkby-Lonsdale, just over the border inside Cumbria. It was an old vicarage that was privately owned and this was the entrance gateway to the existing church and graveyard. It had fallen into disrepair, with no dicernible boundary in some places, so the owner asked me to re-install the wall using some of the remaining stone and some bought in. Cunstomer well pleased with the overall effect.

  • Stone Gateway Entrance Pillars

    A pair of large pillars I built in The Ribble Valley, finished late summer 2020. The gate pillars themselves are not strictly dry stone as have mortar inside to hold together. They need to support a huge pair of steel gates. The rest of the wall including the style is traditional dry stone. The stone came from a farmer’s land in Tockholes near Blackburn.

  • Pendle dry stone wall gap August 2020

    A small gap repair I did near Roughlee in the Pendle area of Lancashire this August. This is the first picture that inlcudes me in the photo as I now have a part-time helper and trainee in Samantha, a recent refugee from London, to take the photos! A stunning place to work as you can see 🙂

  • Recent dry stone walls March 2020

    A dry stone wall repair in Mellor Couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a farmer in Mellor, Nr Blackburn, to repair this corner of a dry stone wall. He hit it with his tractor and trailer when going through the gateway. Can’t leave a mess like this for long. Certainly not next to a busy highway and obstructing pedestrian traffic. The finished result. took me an afternoon and the farmer was very happy with the work. The fact that you are working with existing material makes dry stone walling a cost effective repair. The cost would be much higher to was fully mortar this. This is partly…

  • Dry Stone Wall Repair, Ribble Valley Mellor march 2019.

    Some fool knocked over a good section of field wall with their car in Mellor on The Ribble Valley / Blackburn Border. I get a lot of jobs like this. Usually, if the driver is identified, the insurance company will ask for a quote and then get back within a couple of weeks with an answer. If the first quote seems high they will often ask for at least one more. If the rascal drove off without leaving details then it is up to the poor landowner to foot the bill. As an aside, dry stone walls are one of the safer things to drive into and the driver…

  • Dry stone wall repair Near Longridge Feb 2019

    This was a little job I was asked to do when a bin lorry caught the wall while turning on a tight country lane. I get asked to do quite a few of these ‘insurance jobs’ where a vehicle has caused some damage and the insurance company asks for a quote before paying out. The wall is built dry with motared copings. Fantastic views and lovely pace to work. This was in The Forest of Bowland, near Longridge.

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