Dry Stone Wall Repair, Ribble Valley Mellor march 2019.

Some fool knocked over a good section of field wall with their car in Mellor on The Ribble Valley / Blackburn Border. I get a lot of jobs like this. Usually, if the driver is identified, the insurance company will ask for a quote and then get back within a couple of weeks with an answer. If the first quote seems high they will often ask for at least one more. If the rascal drove off without leaving details then it is up to the poor landowner to foot the bill.

As an aside, dry stone walls are one of the safer things to drive into and the driver is almost always unhurt. The wall ‘gives’ somewhat, yet stops the vehicle from travelling further. A stone wall would create a much greater impact on the car and driver. So if you are to crash into a wall please best make sure it is a dry one!

Before I started rebuilding the wall.
And the finished project a couple of weeks later! Voila!
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